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OSU Hosts Project Kickoff for 2.4M Research Project

On February 26, 2016, the OSU Coal Combustion Products Program hosted the project kickoff meeting for a 5-year, $2.4M research effort focusing on remediation of coal ash ponds with landfill overfills and continuing OSU's current work on reclamation at coal mine sites using flue gas desulfurization byproducts.

The goals of this work are to (a) promote the safe and cost-effective closure and remediation of coal ash impoundments and constructing overfills (landfills) over them, and (b) promote the high-volume beneficial use of Ohio FGD by-products in reclamation of abandoned coal mine sites. The project will result in reduced by-product liability and disposal costs for coal-fired utilities in a manner that is economically viable and beneficial to the environment, the public’s health and safety, and the generating companies.

The 5-year research project titled “Remediation of Coal Ash Ponds with Landfill Overfills & Reclamation at Coal Mine Sites Using FGD Byproducts: Phase IV Demonstration Projects” is funded by the Ohio Coal Development Office with a $2.4M grant. Project partners include The Ohio State University, American Electric Power, Geosyntec, GSE / Tensar, and Baker Enviro Services and Testing.



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