• Coal Production Byproducts Aid Rare Earth Element Recovery

    Ohio State University researchers continue to find ways to sustainably reclaim abandoned coal mine lands, this time recovering rare earth elements considered to be critical components in the production of renewable energy hardware, electric vehicles,... | LEARN MORE
  • CEGE professor goes on Buckeye road trip

    Road trips are a favorite summer activity for many Ohio State students. The same goes for university administration, faculty and staff. Every summer, faculty and staff from across campus join President Michael V. Drake and the Office of Student Life... | LEARN MORE
  • Staying Grounded: Research Helps Power Plants Reuse Coal Combustion Products

    For half a century, many surface coal mines in Ohio have remained abandoned and unusable. Now an Ohio State University researcher is working with the state’s power plant industry to reclaim the lands by safely using byproducts, called coal combustion... | LEARN MORE
  • Impact Grant Secured for Remining Research & Outreach

    In April 2016, the University’s Office of Outreach and Engagement awarded a 2016 Impact Grant for $30,000 to researchers of the OSU CCP Program for the project “Mitigating Impacts of Mined Lands Through Re-Mining and Reclamation”. This study... | LEARN MORE
  • Butalia recognized for peacemaking efforts

    Dr. Tarunjit Butalia, Research Associate Professor in the Department of Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering, is the 2016 recipient of the Luminosa Award for Unity. The award is given by the Focolare Movement, an international organization... | LEARN MORE