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Impact Grant Secured for Remining Research & Outreach

In April 2016, the University’s Office of Outreach and Engagement awarded a 2016 Impact Grant for $30,000 to researchers of the OSU CCP Program for the project “Mitigating Impacts of Mined Lands Through Re-Mining and Reclamation”.

This study will investigate the effects of reclamation through re-mining on the local hydrology and hydrogeology conditions, as well as the associated environmental and ecological benefits. The outcomes will provide quantitative justification to the mitigation of acid mine drainage achieved by reclamation through re-mining practice. It will also fill the knowledge gap of a currently ongoing re-mining study, titled “Mitigating Impacts of Acid Mine Drainage from Legacy Mining through Secondary Coal Mining and Reclamation,” funded by Ohio Coal Research Consortium (OCRC). By collaborating with Ohio coal mine operators and regulatory authorities it seeks to advance regulatory policies to increase mitigation of acid mine drainage through re-mining, assist regulatory authorities on creating a comprehensive regulatory framework that advances incentives, and reduce disincentives for coal mine operators to incorporate re-mining into their mine plans or as a stand-alone reclamation project.

The team lead is Dr. Tarunjit S. Butalia. Project partners include the College of Engineering, Ohio Department of Coal and Natural Resources, Ohio Coal Association, B&N Coal, and Oxford Mining.

Read more about the project, here.

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